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Lawrence Mbambo - Chief Executive of Core Labour Solutions (Africa)

Lawrence Mbambo is the founder of L. Mbambo Labour Relations Consulting. Lawrence has more than 30 years of experience and understanding in Human Resources Management, Labour Relations and Labour Law.
As an Accredited Mediatior and Arbitrator, Lawrence has spent more than 10 years resolving labour disputes for the CCMA and Bargaining Council as well as in the capacity of full time Commissioner, and Tokiso panelist for several years.
As a Labour Relations expert Lawrence Mbambo brings his enormous wealth of knowledge to Core Labour Solutions where he serves as CEO.
Lawrence Mbambo is a BA Psychology and Sociology graduate ( Uni-Zululand) and holds further qualifications such as his Industrial Relations Diploma (Damelin), MA in Comparatiive Labour Relations (Uni-Warwick U.K.) and has credits for MM in HR Management.(Wits Bus School)