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“ An up to date Labour Law Consulting Service – delivered in 24 hours or less, guaranteed”

I bring perfect solutions to your manager’s problems. This means relief and peace of mind to you in all:

1. CCMA or Bargaining Council disputes,
2. Department of Labour issues
3. Trade unions issues.
4. Labour Law challenges etc.
5. Work performance issues

This company provides solutions on the following:

Disciplinary Hearing: chair disciplinary or appeal enquiries.
Conciliations / Arbitrations: represent the company at Bargaining Council or CCM A.
Dismissal: provide guidelines on dismissal for misconduct; poor work performance and retrenchment.
Labour Policies: develop labour policies for the employer.
Facilitate: wage negotiations or retrenchments or trade unions issues e.g. recognition.
Provide advice: to company on Bargaining Council requirements i.e. levy, etc : to employers on Labour Law requirements and implications.
Workplace: build an employer/employee relationship in the workplace.
Design Labour Documents: e.g. Contract of Employment, Fixed Term Contract etc.
Train: on LRA, BCEA & EEA etc;